Feature animation film "Breadwinner"

Cartoon Saloon


Art director




''Yulia's Earing''

''graphic novel''

writing and painting

personal project

Short film

"The Rug"


Personnal project




''Unexpected meeting with a woman from the planet Mercury''

Short film





Short film

"The Musician"


Personnal project




Absurd journey of a masked man



Illustrator and writer

05_31 (00158).jpg

Feature documentary movie

''Making peace''

Animation director_

Art director



Cover for music album of Youri Defrance










Short animation

For the brand StudyQuizz


worked as the animator





TV serie

"Me and my dead buddy"


"Les Armateurs" studio


Co-director and co-art director .





Short film ( 1" minute )

"Ca vous rend fataliste "


"Les Armateurs" studio

Co - director and Graphic designer .



Illustrations for Annie LAVIN's website







Miniature illustrations for jewelry